Employment Law

Discrimination, Harassment, Whistleblowing and More

Levine Staller’s Employment Law attorneys have extensive knowledge of federal and New Jersey state employment laws, and routinely litigate legal claims on behalf of both employees and employers.

For Employees:

While most employees are considered “at will,” they nevertheless have certain rights under federal and New Jersey state law. Our attorneys fight on behalf of employees who experience discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation for whistleblowing or reporting wrong doing, and more. For more information about unlawful work place practices, click the links below.

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For Employers:

New Jersey has the the broadest and most employee friendly laws in the country. Employment law is constantly evolving, and lawsuits brought by former employees can result in huge damage awards against employers, and mandatory attorney fee shifting. It is for this reason that employers must take careful steps to ensure that the decisions they make are legal and supported by proper documentation.

Levine Staller’s attorneys assist employers in developing and maintaining policies that safeguard the workplace environment. We provide counseling to minimize risk when disciplining or terminating a problem employee.

While our goal is always to avoid litigation, when necessary our attorneys have the experience and expertise to vigorously advocate and defend our clients’ interests.

Our attorneys have worked with businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries.  Our services encompass counsel and assistance with:

Developing handbooks and policies, advising on internal investigations, disciplining employees, terminating employees, and providing ongoing training to managers, supervisors, and employees to ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws.

Development and direction on employment contracts and covenants, severance agreements and non-compete agreements.

Our lawyers have extensive experience defending against claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, and whistleblower/retaliation. Our lawyers strive to provide practical and cost effective litigation strategies.

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