Disney Cruise Line Employee Claims Sexual Harassment

Cape May sexual harassment lawyers represent victims of gender and age discrimination.As the #Metoo Movement continues to raise awareness of sexual harassment in the workforce, other types of sexual harassment claims receive less media attention. Hostile work environment claims brought by male employees against their female superiors occur in all types of industries. Just last month, a male Disney Cruise Line employee filed a sexual harassment claim against his female boss.

Allegations of a Hostile Work Environment

According to a middle-aged male previously employed by the Disney Cruise Line, his younger female manager created a hostile work environment for this male employee. In his federal lawsuit, the male employee also alleges he was discriminated against based on his age and sex.

In addition to passing him over for promotions, the female supervisor allegedly engaged in behaviors creating a hostile working environment for the male employee. These alleged behaviors include discussing her sexual conquests with married men and the booking of sex rooms on Disney cruise ships, relocating the male employee’s office to a windowless area, using derogatory language in front of other co-workers, refusing to provide the male employee with an iPhone or tablet, despite providing the same for younger staff, stealing the male employee’s doctor prescribed medications, and other instances of bullying for the purposes of embarrassing the male employee. The lawsuit alleges the hostile work environment existed for over two years.

The lawsuit alleges despite being a more qualified employee, the male employee, who worked for Disney for 18 years, was passed over for several job promotions.  He alleges he was fired after reporting the female manager’s harassing behavior.  Disney claims he was fired for using illegal substances.

Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act workers over the age of 40 receive protection from discrimination based on age. The complaint alleges the male employee was replaced by a younger woman, and other employees over the age of 40 have either had their employment terminated or resigned. Disney Cruise Line has denied all allegations.

Harassment of Male Employees

Sexual harassment of a male worker by a female superior in the workplace is uncommon, but it does occur. Some men may decide not to report sexual harassment out of fear that their complaint will not be taken seriously, or that they will be made fun of by their coworkers. However, the law equally applies to men, and men are protected from being subjected to unwelcomed sexual advances, touching, or offensive sexual comments and jokes.

Claims of male employees being harassed because of their sexual orientation, preferences, or identity by either male or female supervisors are more common. Hostile work environment and sex discrimination claims also include actions taken against individuals because of gender stereotypes, such as dressing or behaving in a feminine or masculine manner.

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